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There’s a worldwide epidemic devastating our planet today—self-hatred. Over the years in my work and personal life, I’ve seen the effects of this epidemic—it ain’t pretty.

Most of us, including me, have at one time or another been unable to look in the mirror and like what we see, let alone love it. That’s pretty sad.

Here’s Spirit.


We do not tell you anything you do not already know, in some part of your awareness. We serve only as loving reminders of the glory and grandeur you are. Here are a few reminders for you to ponder.

  • You are perfect just as you are. Do you believe that? It’s true.
  • Be modest when it’s appropriate. But never be falsely modest. Let your light shine.
  • You are far more than you have ever imagined. You have unique gifts and talents which empower you to serve the world and everyone in it.
  • Honor yourself always and in all ways, just as God honors you.
  • Your every thought and word affects others. So use that power with kindness and compassion— toward others and yourself.
  • Avoid people who do not support you or, worse, who belittle you. You deserve better than that.
  • You deserve all the love and abundance you’ve ever wanted—all the abundance God offers you, in all forms.
  • Love yourself unconditionally. Be kind and compassionate with yourself, always.
  • Love is the answer to all your challenges.
  • Love will heal you. Love is all there is.
  • You deserve all the love there is, from others and, above all, from yourself.
  • Look in a mirror every day and say “I love you!”


While this epidemic affects men and women, it’s far more devastating to women. In this funny/sad video Australian journalist Tracy Spicer strips off her dress on-stage to make that point loud and clear.

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Do you accept yourself exactly as you are, right here and now? What can you do love and nurture yourself more? What are some ways you use to boost your self-love? Please share your thoughts and comments with us.


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