I’ve always been fascinated by this subject. But I didn’t really believe it was possible. That is, until I saw it happen right before my eyes.

One day many years ago I was leaving my office to go home. I went to my car, reached in my pocket for my car key. It wasn’t there. I looked in the driver’s side window, and there was my key, still in the ignition. Since I locked all the doors, I had a problem.

I looked all around at the ground to see if there was anything I could use to pry open the door — nothing. So I went back to the driver’s door, wondering what I was going to do. This was in the days before cell phones, and there was no one else around I could ask to help.

As I stood there berating myself for being so careless, I looked down at the ground. There, underneath my foot, was a wire coat hanger. I was standing on the thing, but it had not been there a few minutes before. I picked it up and was able to open the car door. I still have that coat hanger as a memento of my minor miracle.

Where did that coat hanger come from? Was it an illusion?

Here’s Spirit.


Your world — your reality — is not an illusion. Unless you define “illusion” as something other than what it appears to be. Your world is real. It’s your perception of separation from your world, and from each other, that is the real illusion.

You are not separate. All is one. Therefore, you live in a much more open-ended world, a much more open-ended reality than you imagine.

When you see your world as we do, you will understand what we mean by “open-ended.” It appears to you, from your “normal” way of viewing your world, that things either exist or they don’t exist.

But it’s not that simple.

Everything that has ever existed, everything that does exist, everything that will ever exist — all these exist now. It is only your human minds and their perceptions that separate your world into past, present, and future. It’s only your minds that see yourselves as separate from each other and from your world, from the universe.

You are not in the world, you are not in the universe. The world and the universe are in you. Therefore, there is no separation.

When you get beyond this separation mentality, as John did momentarily when he was locked out of his car, then whatever you need can come to you easily and effortlessly — and even instantaneously.

It may seem like a “minor miracle,” to use his words. But all it really is is acknowledging who you truly are. You do not “acquire” your manifestations. You simply acknowledge they have been there all along, and have never been separate from you. Then they appear because you have vibrationally tuned into them.


P.S. We’ll talk more about this subject in our blog within the next week or so.


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