One of my favorite quotations from A Course in Miracles is “Today I will judge nothing that occurs.” That’s a tough one for most of us.

I occasionally take a day to observe the ways I can be judgemental, and then consciously drop all judgement. I call it non-judgement day.

Here are some words of advice from Spirit.

If you could all rid your world and yourselves of judgement, you could create a much different world than you’re experiencing today. Judgement, harsh criticism, refusing to understand the paths of others — these all create more havoc in your world than all of your other perceived problems combined.

When you judge another — an individual, a group, a nation, a society — you are also judging yourselves. And when you judge, you are always saying, in effect, “You are not living your life the way I think you should. Therefore, you are wrong. And the only way you can be right is to do things my way. It’s either my way or the wrong way!

That, in effect, is what most of you are saying most of the time when you judge others (or yourselves, for that matter).

We suggest you make a conscious choice to love yourselves and one another, without condition and without judgement. Make every day non-judgement day.


What are the ways you find yourself being judgemental? Please share with us below.

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