Every child is born a genius. ~ R. Buckminster Fuller


Part of the genius of children is they know how to love themselves. And they never feel guilty about it.


Loving yourself unconditionally is the single most important thing you can do in this lifetime.

If you cannot celebrate the miracle that is you, you will find little joy or reason in celebrating anything or anyone else. Your ability to love, appreciate, and celebrate yourself is the key to all you seek.

Many of you do not faithfully attend to your own needs and desires. Yet if you don’t take of yourself first, you’re not much good to anyone else.

The best thing you can do for others and the world is to put your own happiness and well-being first.

Does that sound selfish? Well, it is selfish. Or self-ish–focusing on and loving yourself so you may then love others. Even your religions tell you to love God and others as you love yourself.

But that message often gets muddled and lost. The part that gets lost is “as you love yourself.” As if that’s some kind of horrible sin.

We want you to see the wonder and beauty you are. We want you to feel loved. We want you to feel worthy. We want you to see yourself with the great love we feel for you–with the great love God feels for you.

Love yourself unconditionally, as you did when you were a little child. The wisest you have ever been is when you were that little child. You instinctively knew to love yourself.

Look in your mirror every day and see that little child in your own eyes. S/he is still there and still loves you.

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Here’s a delightful short video of little kids dancing. Perhaps it will bring back memories for you.


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