Running Fox: A Guided Meditation by Hans Brockhuis

Vulpes_vulpes_4Red Fox
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This time I would like to do a guided meditation together with you. So, if you want to go along with me this way, I ask that you find a familiar place, close your eyes and sit down comfortably. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Disconnect the ambient sounds and go along with me back to a time, a number of centuries ago, in a place that is today the United States of America.

The white people did not yet arrive and the different tribes of indigenous people whom today are sometimes called “Native Americans” live their lives close to nature, in that way forming a spiritual community. Sometimes in peace with each other, sometimes not, but that is the way things go.

Visualize yourself. You are a young man who belongs to one of the tribes, the Lakota Sioux, who roam the vast prairies of the so called “wild west.” It doesn’t matter if in this life you are man or woman. In this special moment, back in time, you “are” as it were that young man and currently you feel very forlorn.

Cold, hungry and lonely you are hiding from the torrential rains under your little shelter. It is a rain that seems to downpour endlessly and in spite of it being summer, whines downward and drenches the earth with a dampness that is unparalleled. This year will undoubtedly be remembered forever as “The Year of the Soaked Summer.”

It is the eve of your initiation as a brave, searching for your adult name. You have already been exposed to the usual trials that have the function of proving that you will be able to contain yourself and not get exposed to the scorn of your fellow tribe members like a frightened hare.

But you have endured everything, and are terribly hungry now because of two days of fasting. Clad only in a loincloth, you have been sent into the prairie on your vision quest that will confirm at last you are worthy to become a true man.

By means of the few berries that are not decayed, you have been able to eat a bit. Yet because of the rain that keeps pouring down, coating the big plains in a shroud of expecting atmosphere, your quest thus far has not turned out at all. The weather is dog-like and even the coyotes are not at all visible.

Only now and then a mouse or a squirrel appears, but you did not succeed in catching one so far. You would have had to eat it raw, though, because you are not allowed to make fire during your quest. If there will be fire, it will find you and not the other way around, or so the Elders said.

It is afternoon, which is to be seen because of a spot high in the heaven where it appears slightly brighter than everywhere else. In order not to die of the cold, you decide to run in the direction of the light and see what is going to happen.

For hours you jog, always following the sun. When it becomes dark you branch off in a large curve to the west. During that time you did not see a living soul.

Even the birds seem to have disappeared. Only you are there, on this plain cold and wet prairie, attired only with your boy’s name Pride. Nevertheless you feel a tad warmer.

Soon you find out that the ground slants down toward a shallow valley where a small river seeks its way downward, meandering through small thickets. Here will be enough space for you to build a shelter for the night.

You pray to Great Spirit and dream of roasted buffalo meat and of Spring Blossom, the beautiful daughter of the great Chief, whom you fancy. At first light you wake up shivering and realize today is the day, because something has to happen and you surely do not want to go back to the tribe empty-handed. That would be a disgrace that without doubt you do not want to bestow upon yourself.

Again it begins to rain and far away you hear thunder. For a few minutes it even hails stones, and it is clearly visible that the thunderstorm is on its way in your direction. Slowly you walk downstream in the rain, sheltering yourself from time to time under a large tree. You keep walking though, because you know that if you would stay in one spot, nothing would come out of your quest.

All at once there is this huge lightning and almost immediately you hear the thundering noise of the natural forces. It is very close now and unexpectedly you see that a blackberry bush, less than a hundred yards away, is aflame. Then you see unexpectedly a shadow taking leave from the danger. It is a red fox choosing to run away.

You know that passion and power are the positive qualities of this appearance, while anger, aggression and impulsivity are the negative aspects. Above all, while it is only one animal, it could be explained as originality and leadership. Things like this you have learned from your father, the shaman and while you possess a vast interest in things like these pieces of wisdom, you are able to remember them as soon as these things happen.

You run after the fox, considering that the fire indeed did arrive despite the many waters of the rains. Water and Fire. Two extremes, but both of them indispensable for the wellbeing of your people. Could this fox be your totem animal, you wonder? Would he in the future be known as Running Fox? This chance meeting was not enough though, you realize. You have to come up with something better.

Again a streak of light in the heavens as the lightning strikes simultaneously with the thunder into the tree you are just passing by. You are struck down and pass out immediately.


“Pride, Pride, wake up!” Slowly you open your eyes and look into the worried face of Morning Thaw, your mother. You shake your head to get rid of your foggy vision and to gather your wits. On and on it becomes a bit clearer. You see a circle of faces around you. Prominently there is the tall figure of Grey Eagle, your father and shaman of the tribe. He is standing there considering the situation with an inscrutable face and crossed arms.

“My name is not Pride any more, Father. From now on I shall be called “Running Fox.” You hear yourself saying it proudly. “You will have to tell your story to the Council of Elders, Son. Get up.” With some effort and supported by your mother, you are brought to the Grand Standing Stone where the Council always meets.

While walking you can feel your left side burning, and you discover that part of your body is quite blackened. Furthermore you still feel a bit shaky on your legs, and the fingers of your left hand are quite tingly. But all in all one could say that you have endured your meeting with the Ghosts of Thunder remarkably well.

Standing before the Council of Elders you tell the story that was given to you while you were unconscious. Following your narration about your dash behind the fox in the hope that you would be able to find your fate in that way, you tell them about the dreams you received before your mother found and awakened you.

“The first thing I saw was a tall young woman, clad in an off-white long dress with light blue flowers. She had a light skin and wore long waving peculiarly colored yellow-like hair with dark eyebrows. Very extraordinary. The color of her almond shaped eyes was light blue, like the flowers on her garb. She radiated love and happiness and peace and although she did not say anything, I knew she was happy with our brief meeting, and so was I.

“A few moments later the vision disappeared but the powerful joyful and warm feelings stayed with me for a long time. I was happy and I realized that the fox had brought me to a place of Love, Joy and Abundance. But the feelings disappeared gradually and again I felt cold, hungry and lonely.

“Again an apparition materialized. Now it was a squirrel that hopped joyfully to me. Right in front of me he buried a few nuts. At last he looked up to me and said: ‘You are never alone. Your Guidance is so much a part of you that they could never leave you, even if you wanted them to. You speak with Spirit regularly. And yet, you quite often look outside of yourself for the answers. Trust yourself. You are completely whole within yourself. Think about the running fox that brought you here and consider that Spirit once asked you to honor the Divine Spark within yourself and to go on to the fulfillment of that which is really important for the advancement of your soul.’

I was happy with this statement, but everything seemed a bit puzzling and I felt light in the head. When all that subsided eventually I still felt alone and I fervently wished for warmth. I knew Mother Earth sheltered me and that the Spirits of the Heavens gave me air, but I knew also that my search had not yet come to an end.

“Yet again an image appeared. This time it was a grey eagle who talked to me solemnly: ‘Welcome home, Running Fox. This is a story about peace within yourself, through which it will become possible to come to peace with others. During your young life you often have been in discord with yourself and others. You did not realize that your life has been and will be a learning process to become equipped for a day like today. Often you have taken yourself, and others, much too seriously and then you did not realize that life is a game.

‘You also watched the warfare between your tribe and the ‘others.’ And you were brave and hoping for that day when you would have come of age, to go along and battle. But you did not realize that these wars have had their function. It created a chance for all to learn to listen with their heart and thus attain inner peace and be able to grow toward Love towards one another. Because Love is the keyword for all tribes.

‘Because this is also about Love, Wisdom and Forgiveness. It is about the Bond between the here and there and about communion with the Great Spirit. There is a golden pillar of light beaming out of your crown, far away into the universe, where it can be perceived and caught by many souls.

‘The seeds of courage, power, trust and love that you are conveying can be felt far away in the remoteness of the universe. From there they will be enhanced and sent back to those in need. The running fox is the herald that you will be, and called.

‘In a few moments your mother will find you and then you will tell your tribe about your meeting with the three of us, and then it will be time for you to voice your own tale. At first within the tribe, but later on to others and to the strange white-coloured people that will enter your world very soon.

‘But always remember to keep the peace and the love within your heart, because you and they are one. And despite the fact that those others seem to think differently about this, you, Running Fox, will be able to propagate the message of peace and to sow seeds everywhere that will bide their time to germinate. I wish you good luck, Running Fox, and I know you will be worthy of this very task…’”


This message has been heard loud and clear by you. Gradually you again notice the sounds around you. You’re going to change position on your chair. You move your arms and legs. You breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth and gradually, when you‘re ready, you’ll return to the here and now.

Copyright © 2014 Hans Brockhuis


About Hans Brockhuis

Hans Brockhuis is a Dutch lightworker, writer and translator. His bilingual website: Running Fox Pages features spiritual work of himself and others. Working as a translator and editor, he has been and is active in processing various publications, either in English, Dutch or German. See his portfolio here. If you are interested to follow what Running Fox is offering, you may subscribe to his newsflashes. Simply send an E-mail to this address mentioning: “subscribe Running Fox” in the subject line.


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14 Responses

  1. Pat K

    Odd….I have a statue of a reclining fox on the dresser in my bedroom. I really NOTICED it a few days ago, and wondered who gave it to me. Did I buy it and forget it? It looks so REAL. I keep it in front of a picture that contains my birthday totems.

    I guess this meditation has shown up to give me a clue! Wow!

    Many thanks to Hans, to you John, for being inspired to share it.

    Pat K

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much for sharing that, Pat. I agree — the meditation has shown up in your life for reason. After all, there are no “coincidences.” 🙂

    • Hans

      Thanks for your comment, Pat. It seems that fox was waiting just for you to become recognized. I’m happy my meditation has been of help in your discovery. And Pat, that fox surely is real. Listen to it in your dream and I’m sure it will answer some of your questions.

      Love and Light,


  2. Susan Papp

    Thank you, Hans, for your beautiful expression of the true gifts of God which each being contains for eternity and increasing it’s power! Thank you,
    John, for offering an opportunity for the expression to come through…

    Love and blessings to all,

    • Hans

      You’re very welcome, Susan. I’m glad my meditation struck you the way it did, while offering the wonderfilled gifts of Wakan Tanka, God, Source, or whatever you are obliged to name it.

      Sending you Love and Light and Peace,


  3. Jeannie

    Thank you Hans it was wonderful. And thank you John for having such beautiful light workers speak to us.

    love and hugs always

    • Hans

      You’re very welcome Jeanny. It has been a wonderful experience and needed to be told. Love to you too,

  4. Hans

    Thank you Pat, for your kind comment. I must say, that while writing it, it was as if it actually happened to myself.
    Wish you well!


  5. Margaret

    Dear Hans,
    Thank you so much for this story which resonates deeply with me…..and I feel very close…
    Running with you…
    Having a playful race through the meadows….


    • Hans

      OK Margararet, It’s good to know that someone is running the same path. I’m sure that we will reach our destination in good order, sometime, somehow.



  6. Pat

    Perhaps the most beautiful, while at the same time the most powerful, meditation to which I’ve ever been exposed. Thank you very much Hans, and also thanks to you, Mr. Cali.

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