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posticon Do Animals Grieve? by John Cali

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Angel of Grief

One of our readers recently asked if animals grieve at the death of their companions. Here’s her letter, followed by my reply.

Dear John,

You regularly write blogs which are about animals, especially pets. Just a few days ago I read one about the attitude of animals towards death. This made me wonder about something related to that.

How do animals feel about another animal dying?

My daughter has had two small rats as pets for a couple of years.… Read more

posticon The Dog Who Wasn’t There by John Cali

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In our last newsletter article, Materializing, Dematerializing, and Other Illusions, we talked about how physical objects can seemingly appear and disappear with no logical explanation. Today we’re continuing that topic, but with a strange, eerie twist.

One cold late February night 20 years ago, my mother-in-law died at home. My wife, her sister, and our dog Schnapsi, were with her the moment she died. I was at home a short distance away, and when my wife called I immediately went over.… Read more