The other day I was telling an old friend about the recent death of another friend we’d known since childhood. The first question my friend asked me was “What did she die from?”

Death has fascinated me ever since I was a little boy. Not in any morbid way, but just from a deep curiosity about what awaits us beyond the veil. As I worked more and more with my spirit guides over the years, I became more interested in not only what lies beyond the veil, but also what awaits us just before we leave our physical bodies.

It’s an obvious fact that many people die from “something” — usually a disease or accident. But is that inevitable?

I don’t think so.

My spirit guides have talked about this for many years. I realize their perspective is controversial with some folks. Here are some thoughts they’ve offered over the years.


Every death is a suicide. But not in the way you normally use the word “suicide,” where someone deliberately kills his/her physical body, for whatever reason.

At some level of your awareness, you all choose the time and manner of your death. So you are never a “victim” of disease or accidents. After all, you do create your own reality, in “life” or in “death.”

You are quite capable of consciously, deliberately deciding to die peacefully in your bed, in a state of perfect health. But most people do not believe that. So when they are ready to die, they create a disease or “accident.”

Ideally, you will get to the point in your physical life where you are satisfied, where there’s nothing left you want to do. You’ve done it all and now it’s time to move on to your next adventure.

Every death is a suicide because you die when and how you choose.

So none of you ever die “from” anything. You die because you decide it’s time.


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