What Is Real Beauty? by John Cali

It seems to me we’re obsessed with external appearances in our world today. I often hear from folks how unhappy they are with, for example, the appearance of their physical bodies. No matter how beautiful they may be by the world’s superficial Hollywood-style standards, they can always find something wrong. So they judge themselves “ugly” or, at least, unattractive and simply not “good enough.”

My spirit guides and I have talked about this before, but true beauty—as we all know—is far more than the way our bodies look. True beauty is within—the inner light we all have that radiates out to the world, if we let it. That inner light has little to do with our physical bodies.

Here’s a great video that will boost your spirits (pun intended) and just plain make you feel good about yourself.

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What about you? Do you consider yourself beautiful? Or are you continually harshly judging yourselfyour body or anything else about you?

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10 Responses

  1. Chris

    I believe that our thoughts create our realities. Start finding some good things about yourself and your higher self finds the way to show you things that can help you.
    At first it may be hard cause all the old beliefs are kicking in and if you have practiced your negative beliefs about yourself then it needs some work to overwrite those thoughts.
    Create a vison how you want to look like. Focus on it as much as possible and you start getting ideas what to do. If you imagine your perfect looking self then you don’t have the time to complain how ”ugly” or whatever you think you are. Instead your higher self can help you to find the perfect person or excercise or diet that can help you to change that. Only thing that keeps you away from the inspired ideas, are your negative thoughts you think everyday.
    Sorry about my bad english!

    • John Cali

      Your English is fine, Chris — better than that of some Americans I know. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your wise thoughts and comments.


  2. Chuck

    i have also struggled to some extent for sure with this. But since more than a year that i started reading about letting Source Energy guide you etc i started to get somewhat more clearer answers at least for time being.
    i said that since i live in the physical world its important that i also pay attention to how i look.
    i will work on being fit, since i love to workout, since health is important, i do love to wear good clothes and look good and feel good. To receive compliments. I seem to think to go for it since the heart desires it.
    Its only when you start paying too much attention or it starts to weight you down when this is a problem. Or if you tie it to self-worth issues. Thats the time to just chill and leave it to the Universe as with anything else and be in the flow with Universe.
    I feel this seem to answer the duality and not make me one sided – to either focus too much on my external look nor go too much inward to ignore my outside needs.

  3. ReneMcCoy

    Seeing myself as beautiful is a challenge for me too.

  4. Margaret

    John,I was disappointed the film didn’t show any “senior citizens”.
    Wrinkles and lines don’t stop inner beauty shining through.

    • John Cali

      I wasn’t disappointed with the film, but I agree with you, Margaret. Wrinkles and lines have little to do with inner beauty.

    • Barbara

      I agree, Margaret. Now, at 50, I enjoy better health and feel so much happier in my skin than I did in my 20’s and 30’s. Also, where are the men?

      Love and beauty to all,

  5. Lynn

    John, thank you and all who responded to my recent comments.

    Thank you for all your writings and information. It has been a great benefit to my life.

  6. Marlene

    Bingo! My life’s most difficult challenge: accepting myself as I am. I am my own worst critic at times.

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