A couple days ago a friend told me about a vivid prophetic dream she’d had. That night I also had a vivid dream. I was with one of my favorite cousins in a familiar setting — on the porch of the house in New York State where I grew up.

My cousin was making cynical, judgemental comments about a few people we both knew. I said to him “Why not assume the best about people?”

“Everybody?” he asked.

“Everybody,” I replied. “Because then you bring out the best in them.”

The past few years I’ve had a growing awareness, and clearer recall, of the messages my dreams always hold for me.

As I thought about my dream the next morning, I wondered what the message for me could possibly be. I had made a conscious, deliberate effort to assume the best about all the people in my life, even when it was hard. I could not think of a single person I did not treat like that.

Then it came to me — there was one person. Me.

I’ve grown beyond the frequent self-doubt and self-disapproval of my earlier years. But occasionally I slip back into that, as I did recently. I came through it successfully with the help of a dear friend — and, of course, my spirit guides.

Our dreams always have a message for us — if we pay attention.


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