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In David Thomas’ film, Tuning In, one of the underlying themes was the oneness of all creation. My spirit guides often say God is all that is. That includes all humans, all animals, all plants, the land, the sea—all life, animate and inanimate, on earth and beyond. There is nothing in all of creation that is not God.

If we accept God is in all that exists—is all that exists, then (obviously) we as human beings are all God. When I or my spirit guides say that to folks, they usually just nod their heads, not really believing the words.

Most of us struggle to accept our own greatness—the bright lights we all are, the power and wisdom we all possess. We have the power to routinely create what we call miracles. But most of us are not ready to fully accept that—yet. That time, however, is coming soon.

The differences we perceive between ourselves and other humans, between ourselves and all the rest of creation, are illusion. All is one—oneness is the only reality.

As I was writing this today, my spirit guides came through briefly. Here’s what they said:

The clear and unmistakable awareness of oneness is the only way you can heal your planet, each other, and yourselves.”


Here’s one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Guy Finley, talking about illusion, oneness, and life’s true purpose:

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