All Differences Are Illusion, Only Oneness Is Real by John Cali

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In David Thomas’ film, Tuning In, one of the underlying themes was the oneness of all creation. My spirit guides often say God is all that is. That includes all humans, all animals, all plants, the land, the sea—all life, animate and inanimate, on earth and beyond. There is nothing in all of creation that is not God.

If we accept God is in all that exists—is all that exists, then (obviously) we as human beings are all God. When I or my spirit guides say that to folks, they usually just nod their heads, not really believing the words.

Most of us struggle to accept our own greatness—the bright lights we all are, the power and wisdom we all possess. We have the power to routinely create what we call miracles. But most of us are not ready to fully accept that—yet. That time, however, is coming soon.

The differences we perceive between ourselves and other humans, between ourselves and all the rest of creation, are illusion. All is one—oneness is the only reality.

As I was writing this today, my spirit guides came through briefly. Here’s what they said:

The clear and unmistakable awareness of oneness is the only way you can heal your planet, each other, and yourselves.”


Here’s one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Guy Finley, talking about illusion, oneness, and life’s true purpose:

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Have you had any experiences that have convinced you we are all one, we are God? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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About John Cali
John Cali is a writer, blogger, and channel for a group of spirit guides. His next book is Real Answers to Life’s Pesky Questions: Conversations With Spirit, Book 1. John lives in northwestern Wyoming. Sign up for his newsletter here.

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  1. Max M. Lund

    What a boring world or universe this would be without the differences. If differences are an illusion, thank God for the illusions and their continued dynamic changes. IMO, Variety is the Spice of Life. I told our minister one time that I think I came to earth because I got bored in heaven. My curiosity brings a lot of pleasure and enjoyment in my life. Thanks for your interesting messages.

  2. Valerie

    John, I’ve hesitated to answer, in part, because I am not sure how to explain. I wasn’t convinced…I experienced and now I know. It is that simple and that profound…but infuriatingly difficult to convey in words.

    All my life I’ve been a seeker but finally found my answers within. I dove deep and found myself, know who I really am now. And yes, it was in that moment I knew I was loved, my cup overflowed and finally was able to love myself too.

    The absolute joy of that connection, Unity Consciousness, is truly beyond any other and I know that is the moment I healed…I was literally dying the day I took the leap of faith.

    The impulse with love is always to share it, but explaining is not the same as loving itself . Nor does hearing about it prove anything to anyone else. We, each of us, must make the journey within.

    Appreciate your asking the question, eliciting response, even if I was slow to answer, had to sit with it before I could try. The simple answer to your question is Yes.


    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Val, for your comments.

      I understand exactly what you mean — sometimes the deepest, most profound truths are hard to put into words. Experience is a sure path to true knowing.

      Thanks again, my dear.


  3. canron

    ¨ The differences we perceive between ourselves and other humans, between ourselves and all the rest of creation, are illusion. All is one—oneness is the only reality.¨

    John, although this may indeed be true on one level, this statement lacks scale and relativity when it comes to peoples´ day to day experiences. So yes we will nod our heads. So yes we can dream like you that some day soon people will come to live with that idea as a driving force. Now I am aware that I am negatively oriented and mechanically cynical at times, but it would indeed be a miracle if 51% of the humans spent 51% of their lives with an inkling of what you are talking about. And so it should be since we need contrast. End contrast or resistance and the universe would apparently cease to exist. Now there are some who actually believe in end times of some sort so it would probably make them happy to see it happen, but I will not hold my breath. I think it is best to keep the apples separate from the oranges until I transition. Cheers !

      • canron

        There is a balance. I don´t know how or why this phrase has been popping up into my consciousness all my life but it just did again and so you got it. Cheers!

    • Karen Gordon

      Hi canron,

      Had this thought after reading your post: “I’m one with myself, yet I’m acutely aware of my own contrasting, conflicting, and sometimes annoying thoughts.”

      I do believe in the oneness of life. I do believe that separation is a trick we play on ourselves. But that trick is similar to the experience of the differences within myself–sometimes at peace, sometimes angry, sometimes joyful, sometimes sad, etc.

      I experience other beings as physical interpretations of all that conflict, resistance, and confusion within myself. The oneness and unity of life is full of everything we can imagine. And the stronger our imagination on any “piece” of the oneness, the more of that part we will experience.

      That’s been my personal experience, anyway.


      • canron

        ¨And the stronger our imagination on any “piece” of the oneness, the more of that part we will experience.¨

        This sentence is directly related to John´s latest, the Are you shackled?, offering.

        Our experiences in the present are powerfully influenced by past memories, the ones which have strong emotional energy, whether they are imaginary or what we call real. Those are the ones we are most apt to remember and therefore add to their influence, to our focus.


  4. jerry

    Thanks John and Karen,

    I have never heard of mirror-gazing. Sounds intriguing especially since I feel it will help me with understanding simultaneous lives!

    I love trying something new!


    • John Cali

      You’re most welcome, Jerry.

      I hope you find the mirror-gazing fun. I always have.


    • Karen Gordon

      I’ll be interested to hear your experiences with this, Jerry. I’ve gained an enormous sense of support, a lifting of the sense that I’m in this alone.

  5. Karen Gordon

    Hello again, John.

    A few years ago I became sincerely interested in the concept of simultaneous multiplicity; that is, more me’s than I can count existing at the same time, in the same Now, in a variety of forms, having a variety of experiences, And that the same is true for all beings for all time, as we know time to be.

    I wanted to have a physical experience of this mental knowing, and I got it in the form of a spontaneous mirror gazing meditation. This activity has become a part of my daily life practice. Out of this personal focus arises a steady stream of faces, both female and male, several nationalities, variations of me and images that bear no physical resemblance to me at all. There is a sense of family, of caring, of encouragement and support, of love, of oneness.

    It is my knowing that this is a representation for me of All That Is, an answer to a deep calling within me to know myself for what I am and who I am, and which all of us are, which is that called God.

    • John Cali

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

      Your spontaneous mirror-gazing reminds me of something similar I used to do many years ago. As you said, there’s a steady stream of faces, all diverse. It was a powerful experience, and I had not thought of it since all those years ago.

      So thank you very much! I’ll restart the practice.

  6. Mikala

    OK, John, this one could drive me crazy trying to explain my answers. Your wording with ALL and ONLY make a simple answer impossible for me. So:

    Are ALL differences illusions: No

    Is ONLY oneness real: No

    Now without the cap words: Are differences illusions: Yes, dependent on the dimensions to which you are referring and your definition of illusion. Here in the 3D world, we each have different paths to fulfill. That is our mission. So, yeah, my mission is a far cry from the suicide bomber – at this point in this dimension.

    Without caps: Is oneness real?: Absolutely. In the beginning there was Creator. Period.
    From Creator Source we were each created, we came from that energy; therefore, we are that energy.

    Every blade of grass, every tree, even bugs, swimmers, flyers, four legged, two legged, the elementals and devic kingdoms, angels, archangels, ascended masters, Cosmic Beings of Light – we are all various examples of that original essence from which we came. We are all ONE. But we are all playing in different play grounds. 3rd dimension “reality” is very different than 6th. There are things, as humans, we aren’t ready in our minds to do. There is a purpose for that and it has to do with coming into the 3rd dimension of polarity.

    At the same time, within me I feel the essence of the above players. All of them, as they remind me we are all One, and it was my choice to play here on Earth. That doesn’t mean I do not possess the same essence, only that I turned off most of the lights to see how I would fair in the darkness.

    And after all this, I can still say I AM One with the ONE. I AM THAT I AM.

    • canron

      Thank you Mikala. I find it interesting that we can use different words and ideas to basically say the same thing. Playgrounds, I like that. Cheers!

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