This is our second edition of Spirit’s Friday Frolics, a weekly blog post published every Friday.

As we all know, laughing and having fun are good for us. Spirit has talked about this many times. Here are a few snippets:

Laughing is one of the most powerful ways to feel good, and to heal. Best of all, it’s freely available to you at any moment you choose. Make your life a laughing matter. Then you will soar.

Your life is supposed to be fun. If life is not fun, if you rarely laugh, if you cannot find humor in ordinary, or even challenging, circumstances, you’ve forgotten who you are. Learn to be like little children. Learn to laugh and play and have fun. It’s never too late to become childlike again.

We suggest you set aside some time every day just to laugh and have fun. Do whatever it takes — watch a funny movie, read a comedy, be with people who laugh a lot. You get the idea. The benefits of just that short time every day will be immense. Not only will you feel better, but your body will be healthier, your relationships will be healthier.

Have fun. Laugh. Play. Life is too important to take it so seriously. It’s not serious. It’s supposed to be fun.

This week’s edition of Spirit’s Friday Frolics is a short funny video about spoon-bending.


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