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posticon The Best Medicine

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…(laughter) induces a wide variety of benefits that range from stress reduction and improved breathing to providing an extra boost to the body’s immune system and increasing pain tolerance. ~ WebMD

Spirit has often said laughter is the best medicine for whatever ails us, whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual. Here are a few of their thoughts about laughter, joy, and fun.


  • Laughter, joy, and fun have many powerful benefits for you, and for your bodies, minds, and spirits.
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posticon The Benefits of Laughter, Joy, and Fun by John Cali and Spirit

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May your walls know joy; may every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility. ~ Mary Anne Radmacher-Hershey

Laughing_Buddha_(nodder,_Meissen_Porcelain)Laughing Buddha by Ingersoll

It’s hard for me to believe, but today’s post is our 1,000th — that’s one thousand! It seems it was only yesterday we started on this fun adventure.

I thought this would be an appropriate occasion to share with you some of my favorite quotations from Spirit. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.Read more

posticon Do You Take Life Too Seriously? by John Cali and Spirit

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True humor is fun—it does not put down, kid, or mock. It makes people feel wonderful, not separate, different, and cut off. True humor has beneath it the understanding that we are all in this together. ~ Hugh Prather

George Carlin: “Look busy—Jesus is coming.”
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There’s a young lady I see often—she works at one of the local businesses where I’m a regular customer. In all the time I’ve known her, I’ve never seen her smile or say something pleasant to the customers.

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posticon Spirit’s Friday Frolics — A Parting Shot by John Cali

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As you know by now, we’ve discontinued our Spirit’s Friday Frolics because of an apparent lack of interest. However, we decided to do what you might call a “parting shot” — a last funny video sent to me by a dear friend. Thank you, Eoin!

I find it rather interesting we should be publishing this blog post about laughter on Friday the 13th — which, for superstitious people, is a day of “bad luck.”

As one of the folks commenting on the video said, “Laughter is a good medication for worries, sadness and depression….Laughter… Read more

posticon Spirit’s Friday Frolics for July 6, 2012 by John Cali

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This isn’t exactly a comedy video. But it is funny. I think you’ll find it uplifting and inspiring, as I did.


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