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One of the biggest issues folks want to talk about, especially in personal readings with my spirit guides, is relationships—particularly romantic relationships. As we all know, even the closest, most loving relationships have their challenges, their ups and downs.

Here is a perspective on romantic relationships from one of my spirit guides:

Remember what you felt at the outset: the passion, the pleasure, the sheer joy of being in each other’s physical presence. Seeing only the positives in one another.

You can easily recapture those feelings. Spend a little time focusing on the remembering, and the feelings will come flooding back to you.

The next step is to focus only on what you want from the relationship from this point forward. Not on what happened in the past, but where you want to go from here.

And let your partner focus on what she or he wants. That’s often the most challenging part of relationships, particularly romantic ones.

However, if each of you focus on what you want, and not on controlling your partner’s wanting, you can work wonders for your relationship, and for each other. But that cannot happen if you are focusing on changing your partner’s wanting.

When you focus only on what you want with a laser-like intensity, the universe arrays all its power to support you and propel you forward. And it will, in seemingly magical ways, align all the energies so both of you get what you want.

It’s a process where you are allowing your partner his or her own way, and getting your own way to boot.

That kind of loving allowance will strengthen your relationship immeasurably. And it will rekindle the fires of passion beyond anything you have ever known.

Adapted from Romance, Focus, and Co-Creating by John Cali (Great Western Publishing, 2012)

Copyright © 2015 by John Cali

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In this video Esther Hicks and Abraham talk about a “relationship rampage.”


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