The Vision, Part 2

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Last week we spoke of a vision Berna and I had about a year ago. This week, Spirit will give us their thoughts about visions—what they are and why we experience them.


Visions, such as Johnny described last week, are far more common than most of you know. You just do not generally recognize them when they come to you.

First, let’s talk about who “you” are.

One of Johnny’s and Berna’s spiritual resources is A Course in Miracles. In the course, in Workbook Lesson 204, you’ll find the words, “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.”

What does that mean?

Despite the old human habit of identifying yourselves as a physical body, that has never been who you are. Your body is simply a convenient “vehicle,” if you will, for navigating physical reality, and for communicating with other bodies. The body, sacred though it is, is nothing more than that.

You, the real you, is the consciousness who operates your body. And that consciousness, being God’s creation, is also God.

You—all of you—are endowed with all the power, wisdom, and love God possesses. S/He created you as Her/Himself.

So, as God experiencing yourself in a physical body for a time, you naturally have all the experiences God has.

So-called visions are simply the God within you communicating with your human minds in a way easiest for you to understand.

That is what happened with Berna and Johnny that day at the lake. Simply, it was their God/Goddess selves “paying them a visit,” if you will.

It is through these visions—which you all have but often fail to recognize—the God/Goddess/You brings you insight, inspiration, and all else you need to navigate the often-stormy seas of physical life.

If you need help, all you have to do is ask. We are always with you, walking by  your side in every moment of your lives.

We love you and will never leave you.

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Today we’re doing something a bit different from our usual weekly video. This is a musical video of Native American flutes. It’s over 9  hours long. So, obviously, you won’t listen to the whole 9 hours. But do listen to at least a few minutes of it. It’s mesmerizing, and can even bring visions to you.

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  1. Pat

    Thank you, Johnny. This makes it more clearer. I love the flute.

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