Respect For Others’ Opinions

We’re living in a contentious era of disrespect and disregard for others’ opinions, especially if they do not agree with ours. Do you have a hard time talking with someone who does not agree with you?


Although this is rapidly changing, many of you still struggle with speaking with those whose ideas, lifestyles, and opinions are different from yours.

Today we’re asking you to ask yourselves why this is. And what you can do about it. We’ll give you a few of our ideas here.Read more

Does It Matter What Other People Say or Think About You? by John Cali


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On the internet I occasionally see harshly critical opinions of me and my work with Spirit. I still sometimes get hate mail.

Years ago that sort of thing bothered me—a lot. Today I’ve learned it doesn’t matter what people say or think about me. That’s a very freeing feeling.

All that matters, for all of us, is that we follow the path that is right and good for us.

When you do that—another lesson I’ve learned over the years—you will touch more lives, and more powerfully, than if you took the path of caution, dreading what someone may say or think of you.Read more