Where Do Dead People Go? by John Cali


One of our readers asked us what life after death is like. Death is a subject many of us avoid if at all possible. Why do you suppose that is? Probably because we fear it more than anything. And why do you suppose that is?

My personal opinion is we fear death because we often consider it the end of us. Even many who say they believe in the afterlife are scared of death. I think that’s because we do not know what death really is.Read more

Animal Angels by John Cali

Animal Angels

As one of our readers pointed out in a recent blog post, we often talk about animals in our articles and posts. One of the reasons is I love all animals, as do my spirit guides.

I’m away from home until next week. So we’re repeating one of our animal articles from half a dozen years ago. It’s a touching story that happened to me personally. It demonstrates we never lose those we love, even beyond the veil of death.… Read more

Reader Question: What Is It Like After We Die? by John Cali

Reader’s Question:

I often watch a television show in which they interview people who have died due to various circumstances, have seen the other side in their Spirit form, only to be brought back to life.

The majority of those people who have seen the other side have a very similar story/experience about being in pure bliss, being there in non-physical form, etc. However, once in a while, there are those people who see something they perceive to be a glimpse of “hell” or someplace that elicits feelings of fear.… Read more

The Far Side of The Rainbow Bridge by John Cali & Barbara Clark

We recently wrote an article, Farewell to Rosie, about the death of Barbara Clark’s dog, Rosie on May 2. After she died Barbara and I were talking on the phone that same day. Rosie suddenly appeared to me.

She gave me a short, clear message she wanted me to convey to Barbara. She said “I love you, Mom. Thank you for everything.”

For about a week after she died Rosie continued giving me short messages for Barbara, usually when Barbara and I were talking on the phone.… Read more

Reader Question: Is Out-of-Body Experience Safe? by John Cali

One of our readers recently asked if out-of-body experiences are safe. Here’s part of her letter:

“Is the out-of-body experience safe? Is there any advantage or learning that takes place during an out-of-body experience? I have had the feeling of about to go out-of-body several times but I stop it.

“My chiropractor told me that it is the soul trying to leave the body and that you may not come back if you allow this to happen. He also said if you are startled to come back quickly that this will cause major health problems!… Read more

Farewell to Rosie by John Cali

Yesterday my dear friend, Barbara Clark, bid farewell to her beloved Rosie. Rosie, a rough collie, had been with Barbara over 14 years, almost since she was a newborn puppy.

I know many of you reading this care deeply for your own dogs, and for all animals. My spirit guides say we never lose those we love, human or animal. But still, we’re sad because we miss the warmth of their physical presence and the unconditional love shining brightly in their eyes.… Read more

The Power of Pets by John Cali

Today is the birthday of my last dog, Schnapsi. He was born 22 years ago, and he’s long since left me. But he’s still here.

Sound crazy? Let me explain — or, rather, let Spirit explain.


You never lose those you love. You can pierce the veil of death with your awareness that life never ends.

Death is an illusion you have forced on yourselves. It is no more an ending than birth is. It is simply a new beginning, a new phase of your lives — your lives which are never-ending, eternal.… Read more